09-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

meg ryan when you come out of store have airgasm face mask is removed
antifa blm feds wont let us burn down buildings assault random people truly fascist country
joe biden elect me and im going to statue liberty slapping had 50 years
polls show americans rather run through mob rather than pulled from car beaten
how mainstream media views covid 19 trump supporters get em not blm biden harris protests
beverly hillbillies obama you big dummy turned land of free into land of freeloaders
100 percent democrats fail what squares have peaceful protests riots
forrest gump just like that democrats hate novel peace prize
babylon bee looter frustrated tv requires electricity
nancy pelosi responsible for countrys misery ding bat

Tweets of the Day

tweet jesse kelly media you do realize we see you celebrate blm antifa riots one day covi trump rallies next
tweet seattle independent bill clinton at home with hillary vs at funeral
tweet singing happy birthday could spread covi 19 what about shouting peoples faces as they eat

Quote of the Day

quote sooner conservatives realize most big companies funding downfall of country charlie kirk

Message of the Day

message real conspiracy theorists believe government cares about them media would never mislead pharma wants to cure

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