09-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

two kinds of people when you explain drugs whould be legal
office sign should first test covid vaccine government officials safe its good if die country is safe
jim carrey great idea for socialists actors union redistribute wealthy to struggling actors
they live glasses vote blue no matter what obey
democrats in case of emergency break glass hillary clinton
nancy pelosi may august peaceful protesters september trumps fault
homer simpson working from home in march vs september
netflix cuties just trying to expose sexualization of little girls by doing making millions
liberal math 7 percent blm protests 0001 percent cops show racist
netflix cuties if anyone under 17 shouldnt watch it maybe 11 years olds shouldnt be filmed doing it
fans turning off football nfl politics

The Anti-BLM/Antifa Hero

true hero warrick dunn raised siblings bought houses

Tweet of the Day

tweet cnn flu deaths scott adams

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul racists believe all individuals share superficial physical think only terms of groups

Message of the Day

message same people praising netflix cuties complained about baby its cold outside

Question of the Day

question ever sit back wondered how many killed spreading flue me neither keep manipulative guilt

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One thought on “09-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Actually I find that more and more people are in complete and total agreement with my very sound, principled, and freedom-based arguments regarding the complete legalization of all drugs. Most if not all of them already have a legal drug they can imbibe, and none of them will likely start using other drugs if they are all legalized. They are parents who know that drugs are more available in schools because of the government-created black market, are taxpayers who know that the trillions that have been wasted have simply made drugs more potent and more available, and have corrupted police and judges, all while creating the same crime and violence-filled environment that alcohol prohibition created in the 1920s and 30s. But most are taken in by the argument that everyone owns their own body and should be allowed to do with it what they wish, short of harming another or their property. To have any other situation would be tantamount to being owned by the state. Freedom is a popular idea. Spread it.

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