09-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

problems caused by capitalism too much entertainment food electronics
shrek how to address all genders so no one gets offended attention fairy tale things
decade climate change predictions none came true except increase in taxes
fearless minnesota leadership looters rioters violence surrender white flag
joe biden barack obama every 4 years democras emerge from lairs tell blacks how much they care
trumpazine severe antipsychotic relief liberal suppository make america sane again
when someone breaks in gun owner
babylon bee student kicked out of class feminist professor
dr levine governor wolf covid restrictions put out of business
aunt jemima cancel culture land of lakes netflix cuties eyes closed

Tweets of the Day

tweet newt gingrich democrat bill de blasio worst mayor history of new york city
tweet theresa dont get bezos billions fix vets children batman

Quote of the Day

quote mlk king freedom never voluntarily given by oppressor demanded

Messages of the Day

message making people too scared vote in person is voter supression
message stay home novermber 3rd hillary clinton will be next attorney general

Tech Fascism Report

Don’t think. Don’t use common sense. Ask no questions. Just shut up and believe whatever government scientists and China tell you.

tweet james woods twitter susupends scientist virus covid 19
tweet candace owens kanye west banned twitter
tweet mike lee facebook banning trump ads

Facebook and Instagram CENSOR Tucker Carlson interview with Chinese scientist

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