09-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs akc review bones escalated quickly
nasa says .042 chance asteriod hitting eart covid 19 .026 percent trade mask for helmet
liberals when anyone makes arguments about statistics racist
sign media is the virus peoples behavior is the pandemic common sense is the cure
lisa simpson chances are if your front yard has a flag everyone knows who youre voting for
sponge bob when trump approval rises cnn anonymous sources box
joe biden i did not have sex with that woman bill clinton i put that on teleprompter
charie brown linus lucy black lives matter blm cops business owners
news mentions life on venus no taking chances 2020 tin foil hats
i was raped whoever trump nominatest to replace ruth bader ginsberg

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Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 4

Tweets of the Day

tweet mama just gave kids extra credit helping carry wine from car fine
tweet shania twain afer over fun back in april

Quote of the Day

quote mark levin is joe biden running against himself flip flop makes john kerry look principled

Message of the Day

message being stunning and brave is easy when the media backs it

Question of the Day

question is this what we want home computer shopping school work chat sex meeting

flashback Reminder

It wasn’t just Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and WHO flip-flopping.

tweet surgeon general stop buying masks not effective coronavirus

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2 thoughts on “09-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. When we turn back the clocks at the beginning of November, we have to reset our society and stop with this stupidity. It is only continuing because WE allow it. They are protesting in the streets of every major european country, all demanding an end to the insanity. Meanwhile we are all sitting at home waiting for the next bunch of lies to come from the CDC and the lying mainstream media. And what are their lies? That dehumanizing masks and anti-social distancing will be required forever because the vaccines will not be enough. Seriously????

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