09-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont know who dog is sign why banned from park but seems like fun
kid is going places defend your answer machine gun drawing
joe biden wont allow kids to work in white house doubt trump will offer them job
homeschooling in 2020 is going great person not loyal to country is a democrat
how do you know racist looks like one salem witch trials
joe biden democrats connect with voters fewer natural disasters play despacito from phone

joe biden want to breathe in neck ear change my you know the thing
when rbg dies democrats need way stop scotus old reliable metoo box sponge bob
democrats race to rebuild city so something to burn supreme court confirmation
some time in 1990s sexually assaulted amy coney barrett barbara lago christine ford

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

I’d love to see a conservative/libertarian supreme court justice appointed to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election, but I’m skeptical it will happen for at least three reasons: Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins. It’s possible a couple other wishy-washy Republicans also bail. Democrats will throw the kitchen sink to bribe and threaten any senators that go against them, and everyone knows there will be a “scandal” manufactured to try to delay confirmation. Expect the insanity to reach new astronomical limits.

lisa murkowski feinstein i own you ill vote against alaskans
mitt romney jeff flake 2.0
susan collins sure shes a rino but shes our republican in name only

Republican Whimps & RINOs Meme Gallery

Question of the Day

question are you enjoying preview of leftist rule riots cuties mask mandates

Tweet of the Day

tweet burgess owens so glad after living through segregation now have woke white college kids explaining racism to me

Quote of the Day

quote graham allen imagine living amazing country oppressed have to create something to be offended by

Message of the Day

message boycott companies support blm rioting profit only thing they understand nike disney

Lesson of the Day

lesson kgb 60s psychological experiments brainwashing believe false message

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One thought on “09-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I appreciate that in your call for a conservative/libertarian justice to be appointed you didn’t say “another.” Judicial Watch put out a press release the other day calling on Trump to appoint “another” conservative constitutionalist to the bench. I wonder who they think is the other one? Certainly not the last guy he appointed.

    Seriously. Why should at least half the nation have to worry or fear for their life, freedom, income, future, children, health, etc. over the appointment of one person, the election of one person, or even the election of 435 people? THAT is not what the country was founded upon. It was founded as a nation that was supposed to have government that stayed within the limits of the Constitution, thus insuring that everyone’s freedom and liberty were protected from the insane whims of the majority (or even the minority). With every passing day, the argument for complete dissolution of the federal government and 100% secession of all 50 states, becomes more and more sound. Not just to prevent the inevitable, horrifically bloody civil war that is just around the corner, but to preserve what little freedom and liberty we have left and hopefully provide a mechanism where some states that continue to love and appreciate freedom, can grow it without the federal boot on their necks. Isn’t it past time to admit that this experiment as finally failed?? Or are you still clinging to hope that “this time” it will be better?

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