09-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee newsom mask mandate on trees to stop wildfires
car tiger king what happens forced stay home watch netflix
boss no drinking on job me after 3 months home opening beer
trump holding paper kiss my ass democrats supreme court
lebron james refuse to stand national anthem military not for pussies
defund police say no school choice easy for you to say
donald trump middle east peace dove iran palestine death to israel
babylon bee biden forgets to put on clothes media praises
liberals cant believe trump gets 2 supreme court picks count 3 sesame street

Another Weapon of Censorship

message orwell called them thought police zuckerberg calls them fact checkers

The Facebook & Twitter “fact checkers” are beyond ridiculous…fact checking hyperbole & opinions, “true but misleading”, “true but lacks proper context”, “true but doesn’t reflect current position of the CDC”. One article I saw on Kamala Harris was marked “partially false” when everything in it was accurate, but a year was mistyped. And we all know, nothing from the left will EVER be “fact-checked” no matter how outrageous or easily disproven.

message fact checkers didnt exist until truth started to get out

Controversy over anti-Biden ad blocked by Facebook: ‘Someone needs to fact check the fact checkers’

Tweets of the Day

tweet therapist how coping with everything me sarcasm mostly working great
tweet best matt ever trump should nominate joe biden so libs pay attention to rape charges
tweet barack obama need 9th justice do your job

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk if everyone looks different but thinks same thats conformity not diversity

Message of the Day

message never evil monster until you decided that i was one gay race political affiliation

Lesson of the Day

lesson of day government funded science oil reserves ice age acid rain ice caps catastrophies

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