09-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

big bird when boss calls last minute friday meeting jumped gun on edible
hired worlds worst pilot love for doris gary loves penis
breaking point empty beer bottles odouls sign
babylon bee newsom state with no electricity mandates cars run on electricity california
liberals screaming by year you are here 2020
joe biden donald trump travel schedule sep 24th east coast basement
barack obama elections have consequences trump supreme court couldnt agree more
joe biden ready with scotus lit aoc byrd corn pop stacey abrams hillary democrats lets hold off
lisa simpson supreme court political affiliation wouldnt matter if just did job constitution
joe bidens picks for supreme court warren michelle obama china iran cardi b liberal screaming

Tweets of the Day

tweet rachel sobel toddler learned alexis how to far amazon monetize
tweet laura ingraham cdc rates by age group

Quote of the Day

quote juan williams just because someone goes for knife doesnt mean should be shot by police

Message of the Day

message theres a difference not racism guy in suit flipping bird

Flashback Reminder

flashback last time biden in office 5 dollar gas prices

Random Thought of the Day

For several years my wife and I have been doing obstacle mud runs. This year–nothing, not because we didn’t want to but because everything is cancelled due to Covid. My wife managed to find a half marathon that was still to be held, but that was cancelled yesterday, two weeks before race day. Who is making these decisions?! No one is forcing anyone to run; they’re voluntarily willing to take on the risk. Plus, we’re pretty sure people running half marathons and mud runs aren’t in the Covid high-risk groups. 🙄

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