09-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

y2k warnings 1999 electric prison gates terrorist wild dog packs
how i think i look drinking from home 10am how really shameless mad men
news anchor ups and downs this year me there were ups 2020
ad hd tattoo acdc highway to hey look squirrel
nfl nba mlb pulling down statue of sports fan
hey kid wanna try some liberal insanity democrats msnbc cnn blm soviet
joe biden im gonna be president kamala harris for a few months
sixth sense i see dead people theyre voting by mail
climate change matches when narrative isnt working
democrats trying to figure out how potential scotus pick raped dude in 1994 sunny in philadelphia

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

tweet florida governor lifts covid restrictions mask mandates state wi desantis

Question of the Day

question office dwight who pays the fact checkers

Tweets of the Day

tweet bauman schools funerals businesses closed crowded protests open every day of week
tweet kanan vitolo only government incompetent forcibly extor money still be 26 trillion in debt

Quotes of the Day

quote gary sinese flag powerful men women serve show respect
quote joe biden to soldiers clap for that you stupid bastards

Messages of the Day

message johnny lawrence american old school karate babes cold beer muscle cars hair metal
message dear nfl we will not support rich entitled ungrateful

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3 thoughts on “09-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Not to be argumentative, but the US military is just another puppet of the globalists and the big-business interests in this country that profit from death and destruction abroad. If they were really protecting and defending the US, they were be here, not fighting for the interests of foreign powers in the middle east in their quest to conquer the region. Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex nearly 70 years ago, yet we continue to pretend that the “military” part of that is somehow magically without fault in perpetuating the problems. The entire military is volunteer. Which means that, since they should absolutely know better by now what our military is about, there is no excuse for joining and willingly fighting for the globalist agenda of permanent war for permanent profits. Don’t misconstrue this as being supportive of the idiots in major league sports, but don’t pretend that fighting for oil, protecting opium poppy fields for the CIA, or destroying Israel’s enemies for them has anything in common with fighting the Nazi regime or the empire of Japan. The only real enemy this nation faces at the moment, is in Washington D.C., and every state capital and city hall in the nation.

    • Our true enemies are the elite Globalists controlling politicians from behind the curtain. George Soros and Jeff Bezos to name only two 2. The enlisted men and women of military are serving USA honorably. It is not and has never been enlisted person’s option to 2nd guess and disobey the chain of command.
      The corruption is at the top, not in the enlisted rank. That is another reason this election is so important. Democrats like Joe Biden are 100% owned by Globalists. President Trump is NOT owned by Globalist.
      Example: President Trump is 1st President since Ronald Reagan in 1980s that has NOT started a new war to overthrow another government. That is 32 years. WW2 ended in 1945. President Trump is 1st USA President since then to look at our bases and troops in Germany and say, “They do not to be there anymore and should come home.”
      A vote for Democrats is a vote for Globalists and endless war.

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