09-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Meme Gallery Added

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Meme Gallery

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

students taking tests online school teachers one tab open for test gate
media what can we do to stop living in fear turn off news
lockdowns end 4 ways monk hunk chunk drunk choose wisely
strap on the time sign sorry internet has ruined me parks recreation
blm no justice no peace breonna taylor police shouldnt defend self
why is my democrat run city on fire trump president defund police capitalism bad
blm belt loops matter pull up your fucking pants
liberal screaming when mail in vote early blm burns down post office
sign silver alert elderly white male dementia yells cmon man
elizabeth warren bloomberg spending millions buy election bernie sanders joe biden its awesome
joe biden riots chaos cops shot asleep in basement trump working middle east peace deal choice
39 days until not my president season 2 starts love that show
amy coney barretts catholicism should disqualify her nancy pelosi joe biden catholic

Tweets of the Day

tweet buck sexton amy coney barrett brilliant catholic constitutionalist left hates her
tweet drinks on me tinder for rookies go to facebook marketplace wedding dresses divorced femailes
tweet me can i drink alcohol one drink gonna feel like 4

Quote of the Day

quote calvin coolidge most important accomplishment minding my own business

Message of the Day

message dr fauci media loved repeating everything he said until there is no reason cant vote in person

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