09-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2020 valentines day july 4th halloween you were chosen one
child abuse in 2020 vs 1990 finger vs rockey
kermit at this point doesnt feel working from hom living at work
now lived through plague totally understand italian renaissance paints naked fat people
good looking vs ugly people wearing face masks
joe biden headphones face masks proven work trust vaccines place mats dust maxines old vagina
joe biden all those stupid bastards soldiers had to do you know the thing
that moment you realize blm mostly white protesters destroying black owned businesses to protest white racistss
joe biden punching own campaign homer simpson clap for that stupid bastards

Tweets of the Day

tweet at least wearing mask covers acne got from wearing mask
tweet how do i click ive been registered since 18 all platforms stop harassing me

Quote of the Day

quote victor david hanson news been replaced narrative noble to destroy trump

Flashback Reminder

reminder remember us gave terrorists iran billions held sailors hostage obama biden

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