10-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

evil capitalism full fruit isle fair socialism no food
im all out of fucks to give so here is rats ass
teacher student chicken pig fat cow homework
Biden trump average voter im in danger simpsonsBumper sticker id rather quarantine with melania
Cnn acosta trump doctors wont condemn white blood cell supremacy
How did debate make you feel graph informed long for death
Biden will you shut up man cant hear supposed to say
You see woody arson now called climate change
joe biden clearing not senile hurdle of debate

Will the Media Ever Give Up On This BS?

17 Times Donald Trump has condemned racism and white supremacy

best lies money can buy cnn msnbc post cnbc nyt cbs abc politico hill facebook

Let’s Wear the Rest of Our Lives Just to Be Safe

new symbol of tyranny face mask muzzle
Joe Biden has flip-flopped back to a national mask mandate according to his ads and debate response. Who needs evidence of success? Like in California, going on 6 months of statewide forced masking, I’m sure their curve will bend any day now? 🙄

Tweets of the Day

tweet larry elder systematic racism voter fraud media bias
tweet danny calton for those think trump rude during debate watch one press conference white house kayleigh mcenany

Quote of the Day

quote thomas jefferson legal for the government illegal for the citizenry

Message of the Day

message has to be stupidest time in human history masks instruments

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