10-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i finally quit drinking for good now drink for dr evil
smudge im the best yoda ok boomer baby cat
License plate bj69kfc wife weekend
me leaving dinner table after starting political argument
I watched debate pick side anarchy
joe biden my campaign manager told me not rape youre a democrat
karl marx hugging never trumpers hate trump
kermit odds recovering from covid higher trump derangement syndrome tds
democrats am i out of touch no everyone is racist
breaking walter reed hospital hires new night nurse hillary clinton

Tweet of the Day

tweet kerek utley find you someone who protects you like chris wallace protected joe biden

Quote of the Day

quote mark finch trump not republican democrat politician common sense patriot

Message of the Day

message masculinity isnt toxic weak men abuse women instead of protecting

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