10-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cnn due to trump recovery china flag at half mast
never wanted to steal sign more maximum occupancy 1 person
when you see a meme almost start thinking for yourself fact checked as missing context
me watching first 6 months omg now lets turn into drinking game
left condemning amy comey barrett religion but how omar for muslim
facebook google yes im registered to vote now shut up chris farley
amy comey barrett i love the us and constitution democrats extremist
mainstream media voter fraud isnt real nothing to see here omar ballots
imagine trump gets better donates plasma corona liberals vaccinated trump blood

Dumbest, Most Corrupt Media in History

twighlight zone imagine if you will banning travel masks protests vaccine

Tweets of the Day

trump tweet leaving hospital dont be afraid covid developed drugs knowledge
tweet common sense biden denied antifa after 4 months nonstop rioting
tweet stop reporting its spam

Quote of the Day

quote antifa is just an idea joe biden debate

Message of the Day

This can’t be repeated enough:

message not rocket science had covid or will get and probably recover

Other Links That May Interest You

The Unscientific Attack on the Science of Dr. Scott Atlas – Victor David Hanson
Media’s Double Standard for Conservatives vs. Liberals Is on Full Display – John Stossel

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