10-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

5 minute walk my house to bar 45 back difference is staggering
experts serving size of chips is 10 actual humans
antifa is just an idea cmon man joe biden change my mind
2050 if childhood included facemasks purell sucked
texas dumbass trump supporters how many chromosomes more than you
questions for biden have to elect me to find out pack court end filibuster illegals china open borders
joe biden kamala harris vote for a better life
learned in 2020 morning routine coffee wine
liberal trump caught covid hope dies faking spreading by leaving hospital
trump wheelie motorcycle spotted outside walter reed hospital

But CNN and MSNBC Said Voter Fraud Didn’t Exist?

fraudulent votes new hampshire give state to hillary clinton maggie hassan

Tweets of the Day

tweet left demands conservatives denounce dont play their game matt walsh
trump tweet flu deaths with vaccine can learn to live with

Quotes of the Day

quote if 2020 was a motivational poster never stop dreaming freddy krueger
quote joe biden reason was able to stay home during pandemic black women stocked shelves

Message of the Day

message trump broke through rigged system must remove him any cost corrupt establishment

Reminder Why Both Major Parties Suck

if 2020 was a national debt clock 27 trillion debt

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