10-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

If you cant handle me hungry wife first date
some parents never threw tubers off it shows
babylon bee kamala harris ratings plummet people realize have to listen 4 years
if i have to wear mask to protect your health going to start slapping mcdonalds out of your hands too
me after holding coffee to forehead drive to work temperature check sent home
when straight white male makes point dont want to hear privilege
joe biden we have everything to fear including fear itself
nba jersey politics not watching fan slogan
california free state union reparations for imbecile governor
kkk racism for dummies youre worst white supremacist ever trump approval up
obama when you rig election still lose winner is about to declassify everything

Tweets of the Day

tweet james woods texas california wildfires
tweet adam carolla anyone want to know how sweden doing check cnn no stories great
tweet brad polunmbo trump is right to shut down stimulus cant afford 4 trillion

Quote of the Day

Quote joe biden i am democratic party riots

Message of the Day

Message never heard of proud boys do they loot burn riot

Question EVERYTHING You Hear in the Mainstream Media

meet the proud boys antifa media call white supremacists

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