10-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when i donate blood hot nurse doesnt make me do self sperm bank
when i was a kid this how built immunity mud
left right middle what fuck that on left
joe biden sniffing fly pence hair
reporters fly why did you land pence head harris so bad wanted liberals something to talk about interview
sign even covid picked trump over biden
babylon bee trump injects himeself with ebola
when corporations advertising your movement you arent the resistance
dear facebook you track everything please stop pretending dont know registered to vote
joe biden when debate over weekend here dirty dancing brokeback mountatin
joe biden i am the democratic party aoc biden pulling puppet strings
dont remember media being against photo ops democrats kneeling us capitol

Coming Soon to a Country Near You

tweet peoples cube glimpse tech fascists china censored pence comments returned harris talking

Reaching Monumental Levels of Stupidity

california number of times you take mask on off eating bites

Lesson of the Day

lesson famous leftwing rightwing dictators hitler stalin castro

Tweets of the Day

tweet donald trump fly landed on pence will be deported
tweet charlie kirk michele obama tweeting from marthas privilege race card

tweets chinese racism white caucasian latin slavic celtic

Quote of the Day

quote be decisive world filled flattened squirrels

Message of the Day

message joe biden best democrats came up with swamp rat

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