10-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ducks scrooge therapists after 2020 skiing in cash
graph lyrics to macarena eh
for halloween going normal person no mask scares the shit out of everyone
joe biden oprah black so got her vote what grocery store love senator byrd kkk
11 clever ways cover rent me learn a marketable skill
election integrity man shredding mail in ballots
trump whats happening to you fox news racist
joe biden lies bingo card supreme court iran china fracking socialism iraq hunter
lisa simpson man talking not the same as mansplaining
my mayagi catching fly chopsticks pence
dr evil kamalas losing the debate release the fly
pence kamala harris just monica lewinsky with more ambition

Random Thought of the Day

I consider myself more a libertarian, not a Republican, but this meme below accurately sums up much of what liberals think. The majority of the so-called educated or elite liberals always think they’re much smarter than the average person, and anyone on the Right falls into one of three categories – stupid, uneducated, or brainwashed by Fox News/Rush Limbaugh.


Tweets of the Day

tweet lauren boebert contractor took 47 years work on home still broken would you hire
tweet undercover huber amy coney barrett refuse to answer democrat question know my position after confirmation vote biden standard

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk definition of happiness freedom to take risks

Message of the Day

message betty white bruce jenner year joe biden elected to us senate

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