10-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when you explain taxes to kids sounds like stealing visible happiness
guess who will still be your friend who vote for not me im not friends with communists
me leaving barnes noble after putting hillary clinton books true crime section
kamala harris say whatever to get elected fracking biden
nancy pelosi face you make side doing so well decide 25th amendment 30 days before election
joe biden china to 2020 and our plans for world domination
kamala harris wont raise taxes or ban fracking lies pence flies
virginians to people of michigan yall got anymore governor kidnappers
fly americans serious issue guy checking out girl
kamala harris when ass kicked in debate interrupted woman of color fly on head mansplained

Tweet of the Day

tweet prageru capitalism teaches people work more socialism demand more

Quotes of the Day

quote ronald reagan work family center of lives foundation of dignity as free people
quote first epidemic in history accompanied by social network brainwashed entire populations fear hysteria

Message of the Day

message theres a time to be nice time fuck it enough is enough

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