10-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

breaking trump endorses biden causing democrat boycott demand investigation ukraine deals
joe biden im not a dummy im smart enough mirron puppet jeff dunham
amy barrett notes we the people constitution
joe biden paying higher taxes is patriotic boston tea party patriots
trump wanted for 2nd term gunfighter
done clit it clown costume
amy coney barrett holding up us constitution for democrats dummies
judge amy barrett has 7 kids doubt ever had to answer this many stupid questions in one day

If You Haven’t Figured Out Where Billionaires & Foreign Governments Are Spending Their Money

Joe Biden Has Spent $500 Million in Ads for the 2020 Presidency

Random Thoughts of the Day

In the non-government real world, if we commit some kind of fraud, we pay for it. We may go to jail, be sued, or at the very least, take a hit to our reputation & trustworthiness. Now consider voter fraud from the Left, as I expect to be the case on a massive scale in 2020. What are the consequences if (when) this happens? We know 95 percent of the media won’t even cover any irregularities or discoveries of fraud. We know that the Deep State will always protect their own, as his been painfully obvious from massive Obama & Clinton corruption sailing through with zero punishment. And if the voter fraud works as expected, Democrats can get control of the Presidency, House, and Senate, meaning they can squash any and all investigations. So where is the risk? There really is no downside for the Democrats to cheating. The media hates Trump so much and is so invested in his defeat that no matter how obvious the fraud, they will always look the other way. These are the kind of things that lead to totalitarian governments.

mainstream media voter fraud isnt real nothing to see here omar ballots
its not mail in ballot fraud if the media never reports it
fbi blind birdbox when democrat voter fraud exposed
riddle me this if voter fraud so low why do liberals throw temper tantrum when check
democrats staying alive with victim groups and mail in voter fraud

Tweets of the Day

tweet sarah hucklebee annual deaths us 2020 overall death rate
tweet abigail marone joe bidens day 56 percent not vote for him mitt romney

Quotes of the Day

quote thomas sowell strongest argument socialism sounds good against doesnt work
quote joe biden youll know my opinion on court packing when election is over

Message of the Day

message friendly reminder vote in person punk mail woman

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