10-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

award for most useless item of 2020 planner book
europeans every time they wake up in morning news from usa fire fighting
nba congratulations now next year shut up and dribble i love china black lives matter
donald trump karate kid crane kick coronovirus covid
farley remember when hillary was leading 2016 then all trump voters got off work that was awesome
trump walking on swamp water die ben garrison
amy coney barrett notepad comprehensive list all time socialism worked blank
joe stalin twitter facebook pushing new york post off
amy barrett blank notepad if anyone makes an intelligent point i jot it down

Big Tech Censorship Update

tweet james woods twitter censor if dont support democrat narrative reeducation camp
tweet byron york didnt twitter flag trump says immunity covid

CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks

WHO Reverses Course, Now Advises Against Use of ‘Punishing’ Lockdowns

Scientists and doctors advocating herd immunity & no lockdowns, or mentioning the downsides of masks, have been largely censored the past 6 months. Now we’re seeing why it’s dangerous to censor anything, especially science-related items! Most people support some censorship of misinformation, but is any censorship at all a good thing? For example, Facebook recently said it would block holocaust-denial posts. This is a clear, obvious example of false information. However, for every clear example of false info there are a hundred that may be partially or entirely true, or in the case of science-related items, we may not have enough information to know for sure. Even in the case of holocaust denial, how are you supposed to know which posts actually do this? Maybe the post is giving a history lesson on the early part of WWII when isolationists denied the holocaust when arguing against war? Facebook and Twitter each have billions of users, which generate tens of billions of daily posts. It’s impossible to have humans or human-written algorithms determine what is or isn’t true. And even if they could, you’re introducing the biases and personal beliefs of those in charge of the censorship. In the case of Big Tech, these are far-left people, which is why you rarely, if ever, hear of anything Democrat/liberal-related ever being removed. But this goes beyond politics, since as we’re seeing with Covid, this is costing lives, freedom, and quality of life.

worst part of censorship everything fine trust your government
tweet yaf twitter orwell censorship i told you so

Big Tech Censorship is Finally Now Coming After the Rest of Us Conservatives – Rachel Alexander

Quotes of the Day

quote thomas sowell historians future hard time figuring out organized jackasses intimidating majority into silence
quote if you tell the truth you dont have to remember anything mark twain amy barrett notepad

Message of the Day

message not majority silent media dont report

Tweets of the Day

tweet kristie alley odd voting age is 18 most havent paid mortgage supported family paid property taxes paid for health care full time job
tweet mike lee buzz feed steele dossier facebook twitter didnt block new york post hypocrisy
tweet bill oreilly ny post hunter biden story ignored unprecedented corruption corporate media

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