10-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

who we wanted narrate 2020 morgan freeman instead bobcat goldwait
halloween party monsters plugging phone into frankenstein
pro tip save business cards people dont like hit parked car leave sorry
baby yoda sneezing into mask peed pants face
babylon bee horrifying new haunted house just regular people not wearing masks
amy coney barrett notepad laws against crack should apply equally to vp biden kids
biden harris can see white house applause enthusiasm balloons empty chairs
savannah guthrie claims democrats without evidence are not part of satanic pedophile cult
hunter biden are we in trouble dad joe dont worry press will cover for us

Ministry of Truth Update

If ‘unreliable’ is the issue, why did social media never block anti-Trump stories? – Sohrab Ahmari

nothing to see here biden accepting money ukraine new york post squashed by facebook twitter
message when someone tells you mainstream media trusted trump penis newsworthy biden selling influence not
google twitter facebook putting thumb scale election crushing democracy
joe hunter biden pants down crime family facebook twitter nothing to see here sign

If It Doesn’t Fit the Narrative

tweet ice cube cnn cuomo cancelled interview cant handle the truth

Ice Cube Defends Working with President Trump on ‘Contract with Black America’ – Courtney O’Brien

Quote of the Day

quote constitution restraint on government not people thomas massie

Tweets of the Day

tweet bradley thomas silver lining lockdown people realizing politicians not public servants power hungry control freaks
tweet josh teis favorite vampire muppet doesnt count assure you he does
tweet buck sexton acb should give bill to senate for week long class constitutional law
tweet john gage redefinition of court packing sexual preference anti biden story banned half week left
tweet james wood jack dorsey james woods sniper responsible for taking up trump nodding head girl

Message of the Day

I’d rather have a libertarian as president, but given the possibility of a Kamala Harris presidency with Dems in charge of the Senate & House plus a packed Supreme Court….
all aboard trump train 2020

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