10-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

guy sign not homeless wife in target 2 hours please help
sign open the strip clubs protest
daughter bought 1800s house doll hanging from window
how 17 year old have gun how convicted felon had pistol
millenial socialist voted to raise taxes on property owners confused why rent was raised
but dr fauci said might have to cancel thanksgiving fck him karen
trump schedule recover from covid swim potomac campaign rally one arm pushups
wow russians clever hunter biden 11000 emails family pictures
baby crying i dont want to vote i dont like any of them
bombshell biden china report media what flavor milkshake

Campaign of Hate

Behind the Vitriol: Are Trump’S Critics Mimicking His Tactics? – Howard Kurtz
Twitter Execs Openly Hate Trump, Wish Him Dead and Vow To Help Biden Win: ‘GET Him Out!’

Can anyone reading this think of ONE SINGLE Joe Biden voter who is saying something like, “I like Biden. I think he’d make a great president because…?” The mainstream media, billionaire campaign financiers, Big Tech censors, and the Democrat party have gone all-in on doing anything and everything to create hatred of Donald Trump as an election strategy. This goes back to that end-justifies-the-means thinking. Regaining power is the goal, so it doesn’t matter if you tear the country apart in the process. There have been no less than ten stories per day every day for four years now designed to feed hatred of Trump. No doubt, sometimes his actions or words deserved to be criticized, but 99 percent of media stories nowadays have nothing to do with policy and something that actually affects the daily life of Americans.

quotes kamala harris nancy pelosi maxine waters pressley callingf for violence
trump derangement syndrome hallucinations no humor violent crocodile tears
snopes is trump derangement snydrome real true
question in last 4 years can you name anything democrats did didnt involve hatred of trump pelosi schumer nadler omar aoc waters
kermit odds recovering from covid higher trump derangement syndrome tds
angry lady diaz cat i hate your president and his hair like to see after he is re-elected tds

Tweet of the Day

tweet dr david samadi study top 6 cancers 46 percent undiagnosed first 3 months of lockdowns

Quote of the Day

quote susan b anthony someone struggled for right to vote use it

Message of the Day

message joe biden i lied im corrupt counting on hatred of trump msm no questions

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