10-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

campaign sign ben dover and seymour butz
disney star wars marvel im national geographic every social event
remember when bury body cover endangerd plants illegal to dig up tips
joe biden career jim crow bad trade deals crime bill if you dont vote for me you aint black
lemmings off cliff something not right for common good
joe biden trump refused to condemn hate groups kill cops punch nazi black supremacy blm antifa
biden town hall tball trump town hall arnold terminator minigun
shrink im finding it hard to get alone time have you tried joe biden rally
blm antifa here to burn this place down ellison can you wait until after election biden harris 2020
babylon bee amy coney barrett just adopted local troubled youngster hunter biden

Ministry of Truth Update

tweet mollie facebook workers ashamed by tech giants censorship hunter files

tweet twitter censored 65 trump tweets 0 biden ones

tweet will chamberlain some slopes slipperty twitter went alex jones censor to wh press secretary and ny post

Quote of the Day

quote media tells you who to love hate be afraid of trust think free your mind

Message of the Day

True scum of the Earth.

message zuckerberg dorsey dont want you to have all information know wont vote for their pick

Tweet of the Day

tweet julie elizabeth democrats get rid of trump so settle for biden please ignore kamalas record strategy

Question of the Day

question what its called when same people controlling fact checkers are ones doing the lying

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