10-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

carole baskin for president making problems disappear
every parent knows not all kids going to college huskies looking out window
license plate 2020 sux
bill clinton you need rx for depression pill cant just show hillary picture
election issues clinic what tumor democrats republicans national debt
hunter biden thanks dad bundles of cash joe
joe biden removes mask to cough this is guy going to save us from virus
follow that van biden economy following science off cliff
lisa simpson republicans dont care about debt democrats about black people
hunter biden reminder list crack hookers call china pick up laptop
new york post twitter message not sent they live one here asking questions
the people that thought Trump meant actual coyote get to vote for people that rule over you lisa simpson
cnn msnbc wp nyt nbc media protecting biden


Censorship by Big Tech fascists is only half the problem. The other half is the censorship people do on their own. In other words, they stop themselves from posting for fear of having their account suspended or inactivated. The stifling of free speech is therefore multiplied.

facebook prison isnt joke post that meme self censorship

Lesson of the Day

lesson of day bush obama starting wars trump first potus 39 years no new wars peace accords

More Science You’re Not Allowed to See

when people realize second wave actually bacterial pneumonia people wearing masks

Tweets of the Day

tweet scott atlas party told you reject evidence eyes years lie passed into history truth orwell 1984
tweet tammy bruce must read pollster national review shows trump ahead
tweet omri ceran npr wont cover hunter biden dont waste time pure distraction steel dossier

Quotes of the Day

quote kayleigh mcenany can mute president but cannot silence american people
quote burgess owens percentage good police higher than good politicians

Message of the Day

message one lion free food security other free will

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