10-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

glenda youve had power to take off mask go outside all along my dear
if facebook existed april 1775 british are coming partially false only army
if your adversary joe biden calls trump lincoln as insult least racist person in room
soviet socialism worker needs to share one cookie government plateful
ironic joe biden calls trump abraham lincoln sending troops to democrat cities were in rebellion
hunter biden laying in cash yule breaking bad
obama stump trump no interest put in work biden sleeping home china ukraine cash
how can you tell told truth facebook blocks it twitter deletes google hides youtube bans conspiracy theory
how to be grown up at work replace fuck you with ok great
joe biden i would transition from oil mispoke winds down subsidies media protection

We Only Tax the Rich

Facebook Is Being Investigated by the IRS

Whenever liberals raise taxes on the rich, they always put in some loopholes for their buddies. Why do you think every new tax law change sent to Congress is thousands of pages? A simple rate increase like the one Biden has in his tax plan should be a 1-page change, right? Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft all pay single digit effective rates. With all the help they’ve given Joe Biden in this election, do you think he or a President Kamala Harris would change this? The Middle Class and small businesses inevitably get hit with the bulk of the tax burden.


Definitely No Downsides to This Policy

would you get rid of oil industry joe biden wh pollute
joe biden told them shut down oil industry horse buggy no fracking

Tweets of the Day

tweet matt walsh stay locked down 15 days 3 months until vaccine cant trust it
tweet charlie kirk who appreciate us transitioning out of fossil fuels fracking russians ukrainians biden rich

Quotes of the Day

quote beijing biden china not bad not competition
quote donald trump we cannot lock ourselves in a basement like joe biden does

Fact Check Media & Tech Will NEVER Do

fact check joe biden fracking crime bill oil industry travel ban family corruption immigration i lied

Message of the Day

message 1 percent control world 4 puppetts 90 oblivious 5 know 1 uses 4 to shut up

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