10-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

at first glance you have arrow in head but we will do covid 19 test to make sure
people driving car with mask why pop tarts come with instructions
dont worry biden wont ban fracking just transition from it my vote will transition from joe
joe biden lets take back our country come home to dc swamp
joe biden monkey mechanic fix car 47 years needs 4 more years
trump lied he said i would get tired of winning ray liotta
smokey bandit daddy got my laptop joe hunter biden
no you cant go as hunter biden for halloween
flintstones 2021 automobile aoc biden harris omar schiff no oil no gas
mainstream media hunter biden elephant if we pretend cant see it might go away nbc cbs cnn msnbc nyt wapo abc

Did You Ever Think You’d Live in a Country Where This Would Be a Rallying Cry?

legalize recreational dining

Tweet of the Day

tweet defranco dont believe polls in florida if choose between ass cancer sandwich narrow
tweet prageru california highest tax rate cant keep lights running record homelessness

Quote of the Day

quote jeff deist lockdowns never justified economic tradeoffs liberty stolen hysteria media

Message of the Day

message if biden wants stop climate change stop flying to speak to 4 people rallies

Random Thoughts of the Day

By now most informed voters know you must look at the internals of a poll to see how good it is, particularly is it of “likely voters” and roughly even in Democrats & Republicans sampled. Do you want to know the biggest reason media polls are meant to suppress voter enthusiasm and shape opinion rather than inform? You almost never see this information! Whenever the media shares a poll result, how hard would it be to put at the bottom of the graphic the percentages of self-identified democrats and republicans? Or to simply say is this of all adults, registered voters, or likely voters? It is because they’re PURPOSELY trying to hide the truth!

joe biden sure trumps rallies huge but youre ahead in polls just like hillary basement
public trust poll cnn vs gas station sushi
media polls clinton up trump down crossout biden up

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