10-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

do you know how weird it is being the same age as old people
her i have ovaries him is that why you ovary act
full money halloween 2020 office dont
sponge bob then government took guns away good guys all rapists terrorists disappeared
you said no dealings joe hunter biden emails testimony say that is a lie
breaking news dnc evacuated suspicious looking document us constitution
americans free exchange ideas social media overlords
joe biden if you elect me i will fix the problems ive created for 5 decades
liberal understanding coyote bringing child across border wile e
most useless things all time joe biden kamala harris gate cup pitcher
hillary emails hunter biden laptop epstein office space what do you do nascar garage pulls

This Can’t Be Emphasized Enough

Remember, these figures include the nursing home debacles & co-morbidity conditions and were taken before recent advances in treatments & therapeutics.

table cdc covid 19 survival rates by age group

The New Symbol of Tyranny

Almost all states have had mask mandates for 5+ months. All the big corporations like Walmart and Costco have been enforcing mask wearing even longer regardless of government intervention. Most of Europe has forced even stricter mask wearing. Yet, cases everywhere are hitting record highs. How much longer should we accept “science” while we ignore the evidence right before our eyes? But by all means, we should listen to Dr. Fauci & Joe Biden and force nationwide mask mandates. 🙄

Six Reasons Why Leftists Love Masks (Hint: ‘Health’ Isn’t On The List) – Scott Morefield

new symbol of tyranny face mask muzzle
question why arent non maskers all dead yet its been 5 months
farley for the love of god shove the mask up your ass
fauci mask not about safety about control
family circus started in a where is your mask so i punched his bitch ass
they live i got one without a mask
i cant breath face mask constitution covid 19

Tweets of the Day

tweet cain gain every night gunshots minneapolis residents suing lack of police
tweet kanan vitolo black supreme court justice swore in female only people upset democrats

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk dont have media anymore activists posing as journalists

Messages of the Day

message joe biden swamp creature for 48 years
message fact checker never needed pro athlete media personality hollywood entertainer

Trump – Master of the Troll

tweet troll wifi password trump rally who built cages joe

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