10-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

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anyone else feel halloween unnecessary wearing mask eating candy 7 months
angry lady smudge cat doctor said touch myself he said stroke any time
halloween harris biden skeleton display pole
joe biden dont always commit crimes xx liberal media big tech cover up
facebook nyt cnn msnbc npr why wont vote way told them to
kamala harris when in middle of explaining sentencing non violent offenders im speaking
willy wonka now that statues are down tell us how your life has improved
joe jill biden do you like pattern white house tableware wont answer questions about china
time to pick up laptop hunter important biden no crack machine

Ministry of Truth Update

So, now the Big Tech fascists have decided they will censor anyone who tries to post about possible cheating. Wonder why that is? 🤔

tweet james woods twitter suppressing mail in ballot discrepancies

Random Thoughts of the Day

One of the many stupid & illogical statements Joe Biden made during the debates is the one where he emphatically said, “There is absolutely no evidence that a minimum wage increase costs jobs!” Never mind the fact you can find about 10,000 studies on Google detailing how & why minimum wage increases cost jobs. It’s a core concept of economics — basic supply & demand. The higher the average cost of labor, the less demand for it you’re going to get. Certainly, there are pros & cons of a minimum wage, but to say it doesn’t affect management decisions on hiring is absolutely ludicrous. Naturally, the statement has gone completely unchallenged by our lapdog media. Forget evidence though. Use your common sense. If the cost to hire someone goes from $10/hr to $15/hr, do you think Walmart & McDonald’s are more or less likely to do additional hiring? How about if it’s $20/hr, $30/hr? Whatever the right dollar figure, eventually management will decide to try to get by on fewer people, replace workers with automation, outsource work to foreigners, stay open fewer hours, and so on. This doesn’t even take into account other disadvantages such as businesses raising prices to cover the labor cost increase. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use logical pros/cons analysis of issues instead of just relying on emotion and wild, unchallenged hyperbole? Liberals like to throw around the science-denier term all the time. How about we start using the economics-denier label?

every time you raise minimum wage new machine gets a job
minimum wages career ladder cant reach rung
how minimum wage works out of work after forcing increase

Tweet of the Day

tweet dr tyrone wilson 67 gunshot wounds not one by police blm is liberal bs account suspended

Quotes of the Day

quotes covid 19 trump live with it temporary moment joe biden learn to die dark winter ahead

Message of the Day

message if you cant trust people with freedom how can you trust people with power

Stay Armed, My Friends

7 Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not

But I Thought France Did Everything Perfectly?

tweet laura ingraham guardian france expected to impose 4 week national lockdown

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One thought on “10-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I refer to it as the “ladder of success,” but the ladder image with the rungs being knocked off is the perfect analogy to the minimum wage. WHY should politicians be allowed to decide what the employer and employee can agree to regarding a wage? By what right does an outsider get to impose him/her self into that relationship? Ignorant people act as though the goal of the employer is to pay $0.01 per hour for labor. And while most employers would probably find such a cost to be wonderful for their bottom line, they know that there is a limited labor pool of qualified/capable employees, and that they must pay what the MARKET demands. If someone can make more doing less elsewhere, they will leave or take the other job. By that same token, an employee knows that unless they have skills, experience, etc. they will either be less in demand, or will be paid less than someone more qualified. Unless the government steps in and destroys that relationship, it works out perfectly for BOTH sides of the issue, incentivizing BOTH sides to improve their position in order to demand more. If the ONLY way you are getting a raise at your job is because the government is FORCING your employer to pay you more, then you should have been fired a long time ago, or should have realized that your skills could command more money elsewhere. Harsh reality….but true.

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