11-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

weeks home schooling kids science project liquor barrel
car hood ornament antifa protester
elon must take over mars make own laws
cnn white supremacist trump attempts to give black kids diabetes
watching press handle joe biden like someone make sure 3 year old wins at candyland
fracking equals jobs pn pennsylvania scraping biden harris off bumper sticker
trump message dont attack police and you wont get shot
always trust science cigarettes ddt asbestos heroin poster
biden corruption if tree falls swamp mainstream media china ukraine russia wont report
media wont cover biden leaks not verified huff past tape of trump media cant say

Another News Blackout Item

graph daily new deaths sweden covid 19

It doesn’t fit the narrative to have a no-lockdown nation doing well with Covid. As with the non-coverage of Hunter/Joe Biden scandals and riots in Philadelphia, media bias & corruption is not only shown by how they cover stories but also which stories they purposely ignore.

Tweet of the Day

tweet libertarians 2019 legalize marijuana 2020 dining diligently plotting

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagan should measure welfares success how many people leave not how many added

Message of the Day

message 238 years ago froze starved build free nation gave it up afraid of getting sick

Random Thoughts of the Day

Flashback to early March in America: the economy was growing at a rapid pace; unemployment of blacks, Hispanics, women, and the nation overall was near 50-year lows; government revenues were at record levels (following the Laffer Curve principles of tax cuts); there was relative peace in the world with no major wars; companies and manufacturing were moving back to the U.S.; things were great overall. With one of the most pathetic field of Democratic candidates ever, Trump was heading towards an ass-whipping landslide. That was when foreign enemies and Deep State operatives went to work. Although I can’t say for sure Covid-19 was spread intentionally, the response for sure was designed to trash the economy, create misery, and take down Trump. Riots, BLM protests, tech censorship, and everything else that occurred the rest of the year was by design. Lockdowns, freedom-crushing Covid measures, and all the other hatred & unrest have been pushed by people and organizations that want Trump out of office. So the question on Tuesday is, do you want to go back to the America we had in early March? Or do you want to put the people who have unleashed the last 8 months of hell back in charge?

horror story teller joe biden fracking taxes shutdown dark winter learn to die
trump walking on swamp water die ben garrison
mainstream media dc swamp take out biden and impeach trump at once
message joe biden best democrats came up with swamp rat
quote government loves pandemics same reason as war impose controls on population otherise wouldnt rfk jr
trump drain the swamp media white house press corps
message second lockdown isnt happening no more masks frantic warnings

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