11-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

back in my day we didnt wear helmets lie there unconscious until dinner
taco bell voted best mexican restaurant what happens when only some people vote
trump derangement syndrome tds hollywood liberals college snowflakes groupthink twitter rants
democrats will overthrow democracy when they can get away with it change my mind
karl marx tool shed shovel saw joe biden
joe biden called trump abraham lincoln one day week later george
tolerant left after they meet a black conservative ed norton
keep your country clean putting soviet sickle into trash communism
biden influence peddline bobulinski media our job to cover him put sheet over
donald trump 14 rallies 3 days joe biden 14 naps 3 days
horace black people cant vote trump can i drink out of this fountain
donald trump joe biden trick or treat comparison
were bidens worth chinese price have you heard him blame covid on us

Big Tech & Mainstream Media Fascism Must Be Stopped

quote tucker carlson watching most powerful people in america aligning to hide info from the public

Tweets of the Day

tweet eric carmen cdc 220000 covid deaths flue repiratory heart hypertensive disease
tweet dad was governor of ny brother cnn most deaths from covid writing book why people hate elite

Quotes of the Day

quote charlie kirk laws of left societal chaos turn people against each other
quote barack obama dont underestimate joe bidens ability to fuck things up
quote bongino joe biden could rob convenience store dna camera media would blame russians
quote if you are boarding up business prepare for trump win no sense

Message of the Day

message 7 months ago wear mas give us 2 weeks to flatten the curve

Hope They Stay Healthy, But Anything Can Happen

two more reasons to vote stephen breyer clarence thomas

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