11-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mcconahey every american watching election results cigarette stress
america after the election regardless of outcome see some nasty shit
baby yoda would you slap coworker 25k not about money
dogs you try explaining daylight savings dinner time
two republicans and a truck helping liberals move to canada cant find 2 democrats do work
they live glasses black lives matter blm cccp
me watching news 2020 people are idiots al bundy
facebook fact checkers very smart highly intelligent non biased false information
when you disagree with a democrat family guy color shades white supremacist or uncle tom
babylon bee nation doesnt care who wins excited facebook notifications

Tweet of the Day

tweet chicago mayor lori lightfoot addicted to tax pandemic drop

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk when dont understand source of liberty freedom can disappear

Message of the Day

rules for voting in america not voting for best candidate against worst repeat

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