11-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

adams family revenge is beneath me but accidents do happen
bee gees road what happened i forgot my mask
due to covid concerns no parties on campus college except communist party
receiving new outrage instructions download complete begin violence
jed clanmpett same folks counting rona cases aint counting mail in ballots
where to son mail in biden ballots wherever im needed
you telling me party of looting and rioting is not trying to steal the election
whats that not a ballot lawyers my card

What We Know So Far

what we know so far crayon electoral map
message you will never convince me guy 12 people rally got that many votes

Tweet of the Day

tweet steve deace went to bed trump ahead voting stop chavez like morning totals this is coup

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain sometimes wonder whether world is run by smart people putting us on or imbeciles really mean it

Messages of the Day

message before you cancel thanksgiving christmas could be last holiday

Let the Censorship of Voting Irregularity Questions Begin

tweet new picture from field official ballot box taken away
tweet laura ingraham counting stops with swing states dont go their way
tweet ben shapiro trump matt walsh censored over questioning 100 percent vote drop

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3 thoughts on “11-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Unless we work to dissolve the federal government and allow the states to peacefully go their own way (and ideally even more division internally within many/most states), we will be facing this nightmare every 4 years at least, with the likelihood of massive violence, bloodshed and destruction even more probable. We have not been a “united” states since at least 1860 and to continue to pretend is a joke and an insult to all the founding fathers who risked everything to try and establish a nation that was founded on principles that no longer exist or are respected by either of the two major parties. Peaceful co-existence under the rule of one side is certainly possible when your government respects your unalienable rights and restrains itself to the well-defined limits detailed in the articles of the Constitution. But when the federal government sees NO LIMITS to the power and control it is “allowed” to exercise over the lives of its 330,000,000 citizens, it is impossible to live peacefully with those who control that power (and that applies regardless of which of the two major parties is in power). #peacefulseparation

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