11-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bike lock post username password admin
thanksgiving 2020 because i didnt spend enough time with these people inside already this year
slow the viruses of fear divorce drugs job loss fear
hillary clinton if i was president corona covid would have committed suicide by now
maybe time classify political pollsters non essential workers
vacation rust none of us can do damned thing share memes stock ammunition
donald trump jump over hurdle biden misses but pushed over
msnbc cnn nbc cnn fox news npr iwa jima joe biden
message now you know why joe didnt worry about compaigning
babylon bee 69 million trump supporters drive to work go about lives as normal
sponge bob american people fighting with each other
iran ayatollahs go pennsylvania dont let us down
when mail in ballot got millions of votes none for trump biden shut up man

Big Brother Is Watching Everything

In case you’re not away, Big Tech fascist censors pull the same shit in private messages. Big Brother is always watching to make sure you don’t have or share any unapproved thoughts!

programmer ge digital im attachment unavailable censoring

Every Democrat Governor in the Country Reacting to the Peasants

2020 carol burnette annie every time things get better do i hear happiness

Tweet of the Day

tweet arianna bradform homeschooling my son sarcasm shut the fuck up best batman

Quote of the Day

quote joseph stalin not who votes that counts its who counts the votes

Messages of the Day

message let gays marry rednecks have guns smoke weed only when force others your opinion problems arise
message common sense like deoderant people who need it most never use it

Question of the Day

question isnt funny democrats 4 years investigating trump republicans cry babies know voter fraud

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3 thoughts on “11-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

    • One of a thousand similar stories. The real issue is whether or not any of it will get its day in court or if the issue will be treated with the respect it deserves. Our nation is famous for its peaceful transitions of power because we have been able to trust the integrity of the vote. No longer. And as upset as the TDS folks were after Trumps victory, aside from spurious claims about election “interference” there were no claims about fraudulent votes to the tune of several million votes. Hillary yes but Trump no. This election transition will NOT be peaceful nor should it be .

  1. Remember the 2000 election – the ‘loser’ fought like mad in the courts – it wasn’t settled till mid-December.

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