11-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

history of horror masks scream jason michael myers facemask covid
her go on feel muscle grabs hooter
if we had just let them eat tide pods all stupid shit wouldnt be happening now
depp if rum cant fix it youre not using enough rum
me every morning this sum bullshit cat
democrat vote counter paper shredder
babylon bee late night hosts starting to worry have to come up with new joke next year
team of doctors 25th amndment club biden not yet kamala harris
this election reminds me security cameras stopped working night jeffrey epstein suicide
american people trojan hour joe biden kamala harris democrats
just like that nobody is talking about covid anymore
breaking news michigan finds points overnight beats indiana
media tsunami blue wave warning trickle

Buckle Up, America

joe biden if this was your pilot would you get on airplane

Tweets of the Day

tweet paul dock good way predict 2020 shittier than imagine
tweet charlie kirk should tell you everything businesses removing boards now think trump won
tweeet as lifelong pn heated arguments over gas station hoagies shouldnt be charge of picking president

Quote of the Day

quote liberties of the people never were secure when transactions of rulers concealed from them

Random Thought of the Day

Liberals, in general, hate the electoral college. They argue Hillary should have won in 2016 due to winning the popular vote, and they believe Joe Biden deserves to win for the same reason in 2020. I won’t give another civics lesson on why the electoral college system exists, and I won’t get into all the 2020 voting chicanery. I will however point out that, specifically because the electoral system exists, you simply cannot trust the popular vote. Why? Because millions don’t vote in states where the projected margin of victory is ridiculously high. Everyone know in presidential elections, the Democrats will easily win California & New York, and the Republicans will win always win South Dakota and West Virginia. So why should voters of these types of states go through the hassle of voting, expose themselves to Covid risk, or even take interest in the process? The candidates spend almost all their time in the swing states specifically because the victory margins are small. It’s very possible that if everyone thought their votes counted, the popular vote would go the other way.

Message of the Day

message stop feeling so entitled free healthcare tuition work for it

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