11-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

silicon valley shades me checking to see civil war started yet
if you were okay with facebook twitter fact checking posts should have no problem fact checking votes
so guy couldnt get 12 people to a rally got more votes any president ever
democrats in 2016 crying republicans 2020 fuck you see you tomorrow
2020 vision eye chart voter fraud biden president
crying liberals just give up stolen election trump no
ricky morty lets go in out american people 2 months later
sponge bob we did fair election ballot harvesting dead people voting typos
2016 russia interfered election 2020 how dare you question integrity liberal
fbi biden votes garage pull south park

More “Coincidental” Timing

Let the stampeded of withheld Covid vaccine & remedies continue.

Eli Lilly Covid Antibody Drug Gets FDA Emergency Clearence

so youre telling me vaccine 90 percent effective until 24 hrs after biden declared victory

Let’s Keep the Momentum Going

forrest gump just like that facebook liost 70 million subscribers

Facebook Event: Mass Exit Off FaceBook to Parler & MeWe • November 13th!
Free Speech Social Network Parler Tops App Store Rankings Following Biden Election
How To Use Parler 2020 App Tutorial
10 Steps to Get Friends & Family Off of Facebook/Twitter and On To MeWe, Parler, and other Alternative Social Media

Tweet of the Day

tweet cant wait to this is over can go back to soothing true crime murder
tweet comfortably smug imaging thinking defeated fascism pass storefronts boarded up case lost

Quote of the Day

quote robin williams everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about be kind always

Message of the Day

message if hatred for trump greater than love of country you are the problem

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