11-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kanye west during biden inauguration speech taking trump greatest president
me when coworker asks been drinking whole country is
bought donuts 9th birthday 69 shape
i better listen to government and turn in guns says no american ever
democrats painting over legal count every vote
cage when you post controversial meme triggers people it was meant to
comedians when they have to start being funny instead of orange man bad game of thrones
girlfriend keeps referring to herself as wife elect
sixth sense i see dead people biden ask them to vote for me
breaking fox news projects it has lost most of viewers

Left’s Disinformation Technique

Beware of the Left’s technique of planting easily-disproven disinformation that “hurts” themselves. It goes like this: you plant false stories and wait for them to be repeated on the Right. You then send the clear-cut evidence of the falsehood to the “fact” checkers. From that point on, doubt is cast on all related true incidents. This technique was mastered by Hillary Clinton. For example, we all know there have been dozens of Clinton enemies dying in mysterious “suicides”, “accidents”, and “robberies”, Jeffrey Epstein and Vince Foster being two of the most obvious examples. To cover this up, the Clintons have introduced false, easily-disproven stories about mysterious deaths. So, they cast doubt on all the legitimate stories. Clinton interviewees and “fact” checkers can point to the false stories to discredit the whole story line.

How is this relevant to today? Voter Fraud. Expect Democrats to plant false memes and social media stories about voter fraud incidents that can easily be disproven. The media can then scream, “Incidents of voter fraud have all been debunked.” Politifact, Snopes, and other liberal fact checkers can highlight the disinformation evidence, allowing Facebook & Twitter to put the usual “False Information – See Why” stamps on any voter fraud, assuming they don’t delete the stories altogether.

It’s the 1984 world we live in.

message orwell called them thought police zuckerberg calls them fact checkers
message goebbels we called it control of information one day people will call it fact checking
jimmy fallon dear facebook not job fact check posts platform not publisher signed everyone
hillary clinton when enemies all commit suicide guess im just lucky

Tweets of the Day

tweet james woods press flying monkeys democrat party
tweet james woods rioting looting ceased battered wife fuck yourself

Quote of the Day

quote matt gaetz press no long report evens shape events

Message of the Day

message dont preach acceptance unity 4 years lying 2 faced hyporictes

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5 thoughts on “11-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Love your site and visit it daily and share your memes! I “permanently” deleted my Fakebook account today and downloaded mewe. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Deleted my Facebook account last week. No doubt its not even a blip on their radar but it feels good. Going to miss politically incorrect humor. It’s a place I visit daily to calm down about all the bullshit going on in America.

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