11-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Editorial/Meme Gallery Added

Big Government/Socialism Meme Gallery 2

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

being able to respond with sarcasm seconds of stupid question sign of healthy brain
when your governor tells you cant gather for holidays flipping bird chevy vacation
new york times libertarian happy estatic about election luke every word wrong
forcing eyes open trying to get biden voters to see fraud evidence
joe biden said find more votes win election
liberal cubans cost florida state farm selling socialism
santa making a list aoc me too trump enemies
race progress 60s parents talking to black kids now to white kids
kamala harris campaign pushed by biden fraud dnc media
american voters dominion 2.7 million votes sunny in philadelphia plate

Fake News Planted by the Most Evil Company on Earth

mewe is not owned by democratic party fake news facebook

It’s Getting Tougher to Tell Parody from Reality

facebook see complete blatant lies about election
tweet james lindsay learn how objectivity can cloud your bias

Does Anyone Left/Right/Center Trust These People?

Watching the Never-Trump Crowd Flailing Post-Election Explains How Impotent Their Movement Has Been – Brad Slager

Republican Whimps & RINOs Meme Gallery

Tweet of the Day

tweet forget right left zuby battle those want to be left alone those who refuse

Quotes of the Day

quote lysander spooner man no less slave choose new master one term of years
quote robin williams you will have hard times but they will always wake you up stuff werent paying attention to

Message of the Day

message democracy dies in darkness covering windows of vote counting

Other Links That May Interest You

Democrats’ Guide to Losing Gracefully – Ann Coulter
11 Reasons Government is Less Efficient Than the Private Sector

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