11-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dear it more secure my password more likely save all in word doc named passwords
if you think smarter than previous generation car manual used to be adjust valves now drink contents battery
same media burning peaceful protest no widespread voter fraud
lori lightfoot whatre you plan on doing with a turkey that big bend over and ill show you chevy chase
deep state not over til last rock is slung trump vs cnn facebook abc twitter npr fox msnbc google
russia russian moukey gong gorilla 2020 evidence voter fraud
that you inspiring speech unity truth reconciliation dissent enabler trump supporter axe
faux fox news channel
who invited dr fauci thanksgiving pilgrims picnic table

Tweet of the Day

tweet paul revere british are coming facebook taxes beneficial to society

Quote of the Day

quote robin williams only given little spare of madness mustnt lose it

Message of the Day

message dont let government convince you who is essential or not lock them down

Random Thought of the Day

I started this website to not only spread some laughs but also get people to learn & think about current events. I assume (and hope) that you’re all stealing memes to share with your friends & family. It’s sometimes seems tough to find open-minded, persuadable people out there, but they definitely do exist. A good meme that illustrates the absurdity of a current event is a great way to start that persuading process. With the current state of Big Tech censorship, a corrupt media, and a socialist-heavy educational system, it’s more important than ever to win these persuadable people to your way of thinking. Keep in mind though a couple things that can undermine that process: 1) Avoid memes with any kind of name-calling of the people you’re trying to persuade. Idiot, libtard, brain dead, and so on…it undermines the message, closes minds, and puts people on the defensive. I myself make this mistake too often. 2) Avoid posting too many times per day. I recommend 2-3 posts daily unless it’s a meme-focused group or page. Remember people log on to social media because they want to see posts from all their family and friends, so if they have to scroll through a long set of your posts, it may not only annoy them, but it increases the chances they’ll check the ‘unfollow’ option. I’m guessing most of you following this site don’t care about offending people, to which I say kudos! If your goal is to persuade though, keep these tips in mind. One nice thing about posting memes is that even if you can’t turn people’s thinking, you can at least remind rational, like-minded free thinkers that they’re not alone. So much of the Left’s brainwashing is effective largely because of peer pressure. In other words, when people believe everyone thinks differently than them, they often re-evaluate their beliefs. You show those free thinkers there are others like you. That they’re not crazy.

world right now titanic people making memes band
why make so many coronavirus memes i have problems what about bob
when people tell us memes are offensive i can go lower
when someone asks me where i get my memes from i got friends in low places

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8 thoughts on “11-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Please don’t quit. I know you will but I wish you could find someone to take over for you. This site has kept me going through the pandemic. I live alone. No friends or family. This is where I visit first thing every single morning. It sets my mood for the entire day and has help considerably with my chronic depression. I’m 66 years old. I pray if you still decide to leave, you will find someone to take over for you. I don’t know how to find this kind of uplifting stuff by myself. God Bless. You have brought me many, many smiles.

  2. I try to use the more thought provoking memes from this site to share with my liberal friends. Two friends in particular live in a big (very blue) city where I know they are surrounded by people who all think alike. I feel I need to challenge their beliefs when nobody around them does to at least get them to think. One thing that bothers me the most is I have highly educated lib friends, some of whom I’ve always considered to be the smartest people I know, who fully believe in everything the mainstream media is pushing. But I take comfort in knowing most people’s views in this country are either center right or center left, not this extremist bs being pushed on us. Something’s got to give.

    • “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” –Mark Twain…perfect message for “highly-educated” libs nowadays. Thanks for following the site, Ryan!

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