11-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cupcakes just miniature version of cake mini where does it end with you people
feminist not going to cook do chores hang out with friends sexist beauty where have all men gone
dont touch my garbage telling people the truth
fox news blimp crashing
pulp fiction know call quarter pounder under biden chinese
dominion what company says exactly what are goes in red comes out blue
voting machine software glitches for democrats reference for voter fraud
babylon bee media confused by peaceful protest trump supporters
happy thanksgiving cut off civil liberties head governor walz mn turkey pardon
time to heal mainstream media anti trump rhetoric biden harris bazooka
camping in oregon is a little different this year marshmallows meth on fire

Truly Evil People

tweet democrat abraham aiyash wayne county threatened monica palmers children
tweet jack posobiec cnn doxxed threatened labeled racists officials michigan

Tweets of the Day

tweet robert knop wife eating big plate of food missed lunch
tweet anonymous patriot democrats want to track and trace you but not votes

Quote of the Day

quote samual adams if ever time aspiring men government patriots needed to prevent ruin

Message of the Day

message government today direct result of choosing lesser two evils for generations

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