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The Next Frontier in Tech Censorship Fascism

Apparently, WordPress has given notice to the Conservative Treehouse website to vacate the premises for spreading unapproved thoughts. I cannot begin to tell you how bad this would be if this became more widespread. I’ve read varying estimates of around 60-70 percent of websites nowadays use WordPress, including this one. Whatever the exact number, the point is it’s a significant portion of the web, and almost all new websites being developed now use the platform. An even bigger worry is if this expands to Internet Service Providers. For example, imagine Verizon or AT&T blocking traffic to certain websites like Parler, MeWe, and Townhall. I once thought this would never be possible, but nowadays I’m not so sure. I’m about as hands-off of a person as there is in regards to government intervention, but this is one big exception. To give you an idea of the power wielded by Big Tech, just the biggest 5 tech companies–Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon–have a combined market cap roughly equal to the whole European stock market. To look at another way, imagine $1 million dollars in a briefcase. That’s a lot of money, right? Now imagine 2,000,000 cases lined up, each with a cool million bucks. That’s how much Apple alone is worth, with the other four not far behind. The top tech companies clearly care nothing about the 1st Amendment. If the government doesn’t get involved (e.g. by repealing Section 230 or filing some antitrust actions for starters), then we’re running out of options. We have to keep up the pressure and not give an inch in fighting censorship. You’re seeing the slippery slope.

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