11-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me trying to get in good headspace for holiday political conversations
skipping school 2019 vs 20 zoom camera microphone
its a little early for cocktail when start drinking march
golden girls in 20 years kids complaining tp shortage of 2020 story
mainstream media can see trump supporter defacing trash can blm antifa soviet
left democrats step on it biden 46 mandate toy car
mom jokes welcome to muff please dive carefully
who wants to stop climate change liberals raise hands china 1 3rd emissions
behold the blue wave specks on electoral map
nancy pelosi we won war reelect me speaker carnage
babylon bee dr fauci we must obey government like founding fathers intended
thanksgiving cop put down the mashed potatoes step away from the turkey
big tech rifle taking aim breitbart free speech google twitter facebook

Soon to be Censored

Another Major Study Finds Masks Don’t Reduce COVID-19 Infection Rates

Another One Bites the Dust?

Why People Should Never Ever Use DuckDuckGo – TechRights.org

Whenever I read a story of a Big Tech competitor exhibiting the same kind of anti-freedom behavior, I always wonder if the story is fake stuff put out by the Big Tech companies themselves. Still, DuckDuckGo has been dropping in my trust department for a while. For example, for years I’ve used DuckDuckGo to show how Google fixed Top Results and auto-suggest, as shown in the example below:

duckduckgo vs google clinton body count bias

Now, that example has been “fixed” by DuckDuckGo. I really don’t like the Right flocking to conservative sites while the Left flocks to liberal sites. It leads to polarization, and I believe we all need to hear voices across the political spectrum. However, when one side censors and the other doesn’t, what choice do we have? For example, the majority of Parler and MeWe users are conservative, but at least they don’t censor liberal voices who do come on. We can’t say the same of conservatives on Twitter and Facebook. As for search engines, here are 22 alternatives to Google. I checked and several, such as Bing, have been fixed by the Thought Police. At least Yahoo hasn’t “fixed” their algorithm — yet.

bing clinton body auto suggest
yahoo clinton body count auto suggest

Quote of the Day

quote einstein laws alone cant secure freedom of expression must be spirit of tolerence

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet russ imagine better world treat every citizen independent individual rather than member of some group
tweet donald trump ive been asked to join parler daily will join if echo and get 100000 shares

Message of the Day

message people with worst past best futures robert downey jr

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2 thoughts on “11-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Just remember, when you look at a map of counties won by Biden versus counties won by Trump, NONE of them are 100% wins (and yes, even the wins are highly suspect for one of them). Most of those counties east of the LA area, are barely blue. Your next door neighbor is likely someone who supported and voted for Biden, and has no respect for you whatsoever when it comes to politics. Now take away the political issues, take away their ability to vote to take away your rights, your money, your freedom, etc. and the two of you likely get along fine. Even when there is an issue across your property line, you both can likely come together and resolve the issue peacefully.

    When government has the power to steal, destroy property rights, destroy freedom, tell you how to raise your child, decide what medical freedoms you will be allowed, can dictate what businesses can operate, can dictate what services you must purchase, dictate was products you must buy, dictate what politically-chosen government services you must support, and can throw you in a cage or take away your home and your property if you resist (or worse), problems are virtually guaranteed. When your neighbor belongs to one group that wishes to control all that power and you belong to another (or simply wish to be left alone), there is no way that you will be able to get along with them the way you would absent this negative and corrupting influence.

    The solution is the absence of government in our lives and only peaceful, voluntary associations as its replacement. At the very least, the presence of a government entity so small and so weak that it can never threaten your life or your happiness. We need to change this before it explodes in our face. Previous generations let it get out of hand and now WE are paying the price. Support #peacefulseparation as a solution. We all need to be allowed to live our lives as we see fit. Only without government, or under our own separate living circumstances, can that ever happen.

  2. Mr Liberty – Superb. If I didn’t see your name and know for a fact that I didn’t write it, I would have thought you plagiarized it from me. I consider you and Joe to be fellow patriots. We will win this fight.

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