11-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my husband when ask to help steady ladder grabbing ass sponge bob
jesus last supper police dont care who dad is illegal gathering
joe biden need to replace star spangled banana song kamala how about back in ussr
paul revere to arms commies are coming im trying to sleep here
john kerry car wreck iran deal job killer speaking of natural disasters
cant steal the election maga examine the ballots help trying to steal
liberal repeating everything the news tells me
babylon bee walmart thanks government for obliterating small business competition
joe biden cabinet obamas 3rd term theyre back kerry yellen poltergeist

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet thomas crazy public toilet flush towel dispenser cupid shuffle

Message of the Day

message fence this is what covi 19 sees through a mask

Quote of the Day

quote betty white why do people say grow some balls vagina can take a pounding

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NY Business Owners Kick Out Health Dept, Sheriffs: ‘Civil Disobedience Starts Now’ – Daily Wire

2 thoughts on “11-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Actually I’m not shocked the rioting has stopped, because I didn’t think it had. From what I’ve been seeing in the news the entire week of the elections there was rioting in Portland with BLM rioting against Joe Biden, the next week we had more around the country plus increased crime and even till this past week we’ve had rioting. What I am shocked by is how it’s not being covered. But in my non-mainstream outlets we are not safe yet.

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