Election 2020 Update

My prediction is that Joe Biden will be the next president. Does anyone believe for a second that last-minute, uncounted, and “found” votes will go Trump’s way? I expect a ton of irregularities and credible allegations of voter fraud, but the media will go into blackout/protection mode to squash any such stories. Trump and anyone pointing out such irregularities will be denounced as “dividing the nation,” “undermining democracy,” and as being “conspiracy theorists.” Court decisions will prevent the auditing & double-checking of several blocks of disputed votes. Facebook, Twitter, etc. will censor any posts that question voter results. Of course, half the country will happily go along with this all since their candidate won. Why should the foundations of democracy matter as long as you get your power back, right?

On the flip side though, it looks like Republicans will maintain control of the Senate and should pick up a few seats in the House. Divided government usually means both sides’ ability to f**k things up is minimized somewhat. I’d love to say the nation will come together after this, but unfortunately both candidate’s divisive rhetoric as well as the abhorrent actions of the media and Big Tech will ensure that doesn’t happen anytime soon. Maybe it will be enough though that a 3rd party FINALLY becomes viable in the next 4 years.

democrats out registering last minute voters november 3rd 2020
138k new votes go 100 percent to trump not suspicious
tweet michael cromwell states werent called democratic governors rino
sleepy joe biden socialism for dummies
antifa blm riots media all the trump supporters may riot fire everything fine
there are no joe biden voters only trump and anti trump voters change my mind

2 thoughts on “Election 2020 Update

  1. This isn’t over yet, not by a long shot. Donald Trump is the last person in the world who will just roll over and give up because of media pressure, especially knowing how many fake votes had to be generated to overcome his lead in several of the battleground states. Any audit or recount is bound to uncover some serious irregularities, and he’s been expecting this and is prepared. I will say that if Ruth Bader Ginsburg were still above room temperature that we might ultimately have this election stolen, but there’s no chance of that now. It will just take a little longer than it should have to sort out. Keep the faith.

  2. There has never been a better time to work towards the abolition of the federal government and the peaceful dissolution of the so-called “united” states. Government is, has always been, and always will be the source of all problems we face. And if not the direct cause, certainly the folks making it all much, much worse. That problem begins with government power over our lives, our money, our economy, our medical freedom, our personal freedom, our children, and everything else. #peacefulseparation – make it a reality.

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