Message to Website Followers – Domain Sale Cancelled

I’ve decided to cancel the website/domain sale and stay on for a while. Sleep is overrated anyway. Thank you to all subscribers and followers of the site!

me escaping from psych ward so i can post more memes for you guys

48 thoughts on “Message to Website Followers – Domain Sale Cancelled

  1. Awesome! So glad to hear that! I have been looking at this website every day since August and as a teenager living in NY, it has definitely been a source of humor for me in the past few months. Thank you for everything you’ve done!

  2. Wonderful news. ty for all the hard work you put in and the smiles you put on millions of peoples faces as well as the thoughts you get them thinking about everyday.

    And IF biden does get in, just imagine all the new memes that will result from that pair of idiots. Might make the next 2 years bearable, then they will lose the House, (and Senate, IF they take it)

  4. Your site is the first thing I look at in the morning, it always stirs, anger, frustration, hope, and laughter. Mostly laughter. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

  5. Thank You for sticking around. Maybe now 2021 will suck a little less.
    I do hope that you will somehow find time to write one or more equals to you book.

  6. We in New Zealand need someone like you who can fire shots at the BS of Political Correctness – thanks for staying on and keeping up the fight!

  7. The thought of talking to you about a purchase crossed my mind briefly, but I’m very happy to hear that you will be continuing the site. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks, Mr. Liberty! You’re one of the people who fits the profile of what I’d want to take over the site the event I did move on. Thanks for all the interesting & inciteful comments in reply to posts. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Hey Joe, me again. I’m glad to see you aren’t selling this!

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