12-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

jack daniels cocoa puffs cereal another year may have seemed strange
dont judge me this year need pumpkin pie in cool whip
2020 light at end of tunnel flipping bird
laws smoking pot owning guns libertarian cant we just try freedom
doctor mainstream media fear anyone starting to show independent thought
democrats trying to kidnap what ive rightfully stolen election 2020 princess bride
joe biden fracture foot dog ill do it again
so womans reproductive system is none of my business but 100 percent my financial responsibility
democrats explaining how every single error favors joe biden sunny in philadelphia

Abusive Governments

Take a look at this wheel that shows the signs you’re in an abusive relationship. In regards to the way your government treats its citizens, do you see any signs you might be in such a relationship?

signs of abusive relationship wheel

Payback for RINOs and Swamp Creatures Begins

How Biden Plans on Rewarding Cindy McCain for Her Endorsement

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet chrismtas card just be us unshowered drunk crying vomiting 2020

Quote of the Day

quote dave barry never be afraid to try something new lone amateur ark team pros built titanic

Message of the Day

message they arent asking unity demanding conformity difference

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