12-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids book proof internet ruined brendas beaver needs barber
life hack booze in cough syrup do shots at work people stay away
on dancer prancer santa joker didnt keep job
santa want unicorn realistic government doesnt violate rights plunder wealth
for health reasons stay at least 6 feet away from bill of rights experts covid
trump with covid social media hope he dies biden boot does it hurt how feel
kamala harris whats borken foot crap i said neck
attorney general barr blind cane dont see evidence ballot voter fraud swamp glasses
facebook soviet hammer sickle censorship posts

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet cant we stop screwing around and frost whole pop tart we have the technology

Let’s Summarize

no voter fraud sponge bob dominion ballot dumps biden breaking block observing
democrats 3.5 years try impeach trump would steal election call hunch

We Won’t Forget

we remember post democrats last 4 years

Quote of the Day

quote mao stalin hitler didnt come to power promoting tyranny but equality rand paul case against socialism

Message of the Day

message think while its still legal brain skull cameras

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