12-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2021 alcoholics anonymous meeting stadium people
die hard 2020 new year it will be fun they said
this is why dont wrap gifts charlie brown peppermint patty
goonies hey you guys vaccine wasnt that bad i can travel now
why cant lose weight must be trainers fault fast food
netflix either serial killer or christmas slighin or slaying
covid lockdowns small business mask cut off heads

It’s Come to This

princess bride freedom work doesnt mean what think it does brain passes

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet told toddler brush teeth tooth faire scare kids submission
tweet old spice nickfila became clear older why grinch live alone with dog

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein everyone genius think stupid judge fish ability to climb tree

Random Thoughts of the Day

Several decades ago Al Gore famously claimed we had 10 years to save the world from the devastating effects of climate change (called “global warming” back then). Rush Limbaugh mockingly put a countdown clock on his website that long since expired. A few years ago Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave the world 12 years to survive. Of course, as with Gore, when the time of the prediction passes, no one will call her on the ridiculous scare-mongering claim. You see, climate change has become a religion on the Left. You’re not allowed to question the catastrophic claims or you will be banished from the party. Whenever politics gets involved, you can no longer call it “science.” I’ve talked in the past how climate change has become nothing more than a Soviet-style propaganda effort.

In 2020, we’re witnesses the same style of silence-all-critics brainwashing and religion-like worshiping on another issue — facemasks! Almost every government and almost every business is REQUIRING masks. You MUST COMPLY!!!! You’re ANTI-SCIENCE and WANT TO KILL YOUR NEIGHBORS if you don’t wear a flimsy face covering. Tech companies will remove posts by medical & science professions if they even hint they don’t work. You’re not allowed to point out any potential psychological or medical drawbacks of facemasks. You’re not allowed to even mention the obvious fact that we’ve had 8 months of mask mandates in some form, some enforced by businesses, others by government, yet we’re still experiencing record Covid infection rates. In almost every state, you can graph out infection rate increases correlating almost immediately after new mask mandates were put in place.

So because we’re talking about government, when something clearly doesn’t work, the answer is to do the SAME thing at a more intense level, as with Joe Biden’s nonsensical promise of 100 days of nationwide facemask mandates to begin his administration. The media and Big Tech will of course rally around him to defend the “science” of their new religion.

the masks speak believe cnn live in fear want safety not freedom mandatory
democrats planting flag facemask iwa jima
facemask madness ends when we all say no

Message of the Day

message china when you control press can censor anything reality can be whatever want

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