12-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

would like to thank clark w griswold for image of topless woman every time hear mele kalikimaka
parents in 2019 dont know hardship 2020 silent
democrats aoc is not face of party ass
politician you must wear masks stay home close businesses i dont consent
rally time trump vs biden dominion
door sign homeschooling in progress dont interupt unless teach math or have beer
what doesnt kill you makes you stronger me muscle 2020
joe biden develop some disease and resign boot didnt cure foot in mouth disease
joe biden hail to the thief
dumb dumber when video shows pulling ballots lalala no evidence

Lesson of the Day

lesson operation mockingbird spread cia disinformation

Every major country in the world has their own operation to influence and manipulate whatever they can, with China being the worst of all. Whenever something in the “news” doesn’t make sense or seems utterly unbelievable, listen to that part of your brain!

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet donald trump jr investigate ga sworn testimony afraid media call them mean things
tweet clark coffell dating just wondering why someone is single then figuring it out

Message of the Day

message ron my degree of sarcasm depends entirely on your degree of stupidity

Quote of the Day

quote v vendetta when injustice becomes law rebellion becomes duty

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