12-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

favorite time of year can tell wife dont come in here
drunk passed test drinking circle 1 yes no
wow christmas coworker time flies drunk since march
boxer facebook more censhorship users who refuse to create mewe accounts
handing brain no thanks i trust my government
lets play covid game release criminals jail citizens
the media painting old man sleepy joe biden abraham lincoln
leave me alone vs hell no difference between liberals conservatives
eric salwell china honey pot look russia trump collusion

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sarah ball what stopping bezos sata addresses drones wishlists
tweet wint everyone less mentally ill privileged more toxic equal cool

Quote of the Day

quote take the attitude of student never too big ask questions og mandino

Message of the Day

message no politician lost job died covid lost business wears mask stopped travel

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One thought on “12-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Not to be overly argumentative (but hey, that’s what I do), but while there may be a “general” dichotomy between “conservatives” and “liberals” (yes, quotes are intentional as definitions are hard to nail down) when it comes to being left alone, the truth is that NEITHER group seems to truly respect the rights of others to simply be left alone. Are all voluntary exchanges between two or more people left alone by either group? Drugs, gambling, prostitution, property use, business operation, child rearing, foreign affairs (and the actions of supposedly sovereign nations that aren’t harming or threatening the US in any way), and I could go on and on with examples.

    Personally I like the dichotomy presented by Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute – Imposers and the Imposed Upon.

    Were there actually consistent principles within the GOP or the democratic party, rather than what I term “internal schizophrenia,” there would likely be no Libertarian, Constitution, Green, or other political parties. But when you condemn big government programs yet support the biggest one of all – war, and when you pretend to believe in personal liberty, but won’t allow people to spend their money or use their private property as THEY see fit, you set up the kinds of internal conflicts we see playing out in BOTH major parties, and the kinds of policy failures that keep most citizens always looking for something better and not believing the lies that pass for campaign promises from any of them.

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