12-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

snickers machine denied 2020 just mocking me
used to watch movies on giant screen 50 other sure grandma
elf on shelf lemonade 25 cents fill cups
me presenting my covid vaccine card mclovin fake id
normal people masks fear conspiracy theorist celebrating christmas new years
time person of the year biden pawn harris queen
santas google search cheap labor not kids elfs labor laws
tyrants gone wild gavin whitmer deblasio bill gates
ivan drago no drinking 2 months covi vaccine if i die i die
media bark at squirrel leash hunter biden story

Coming Soon to a Formerly Free Country Near You

soldiers usa 2021 need to see your vaccine certificate and you can be on your way

There Are Two Kinds of People – Those Who Think Die Hard is a Christmas Movie, and Those Who Are Wrong

tweet just bill set up manger scene facing tv baby jesus watch die hard

Quote of the Day

quote adlai stevenson patriotism not short outburst emotion steady dedication lifetime

Message of the Day

message media brainwashing one day hang heads shame evil defended heroes ridiculed

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